Steve Parton is a published author of a series of music instruction books, and has written for several music magazines.

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From 1994 to 1997, Parton was a journalist and columnist for Canadian Musician magazine, Professional Sound magazine and Canadian Music Trade magazine, all published nationally by Norris-Whitney Communications. In the late 1990’s Steve was also a columnist (on live sound engineering) for “Cosmic Debris”, a Vancouver Island music magazine, founded by the late (and well loved and respected) Barry Newman.

Click on an article below to view it. They are all PDF documents, each of which will show up in a new window. All articles appeared in Canadian Musician Magazine, and are the property of Steve Parton, ©1994 through 1997

Sound Engineers' Job Placement Program (Aug 1994)
Doing sound in Stadiums (Oct 1994)
How to Keep Your Job (Dec 1994)
Acoustic Instruments - The Mahones (Feb 1995)
Mixing Monitors From FOH (June 1995)
Mixing Monitors From Sidestage (Aug 1995)
Doing Sound for Multiple Bands (Oct 1995)
Bands Who Do Their Own Sound (Feb 1996)
Prepare Thyself For Thy Sound Tech (Apr 1996)
Live Sound For Recording Engineers (June 1996)
To Buy A P.A. System (Aug 1996)
The Crew: Who Are You? (Oct 1996)
Microphones, Part I (Dec 1996)
Microphones, Part II (Apr 1997)


Avalon Music System has published several music instruction books (below), all of which were written by Steve Parton except where indicated.

Guitar Method, Book 1
Guitar Method, Book 2
Bass Guitar Method, Book 1
Violin Method, Book 1
Ukulele for Cool Kids
Classical Guitar Method, Book 1
Avalon Fiddle Book
Saxophone Method, Book 1 (by Toby Stewart)
Piano Method, Book 1 (by Annette Haas)

These books are in progress:
Classical Guitar Method, Book 2
Violin Method, Book 2
Mandolin Method
Cello Method
Recorder Method
Flute Method (by Toby Stewart)
Clarinet Method (by Toby Stewart)
Guitar Method, Book 3 (Theory/Sight-reading)
Drum Method
Theory Workbook 1
Theory Workbook 2
Theory Workbook 3
Piano Method, Prep Book (by Annette Haas)
Piano Method, Book 2 (by Annette Haas)