Steve Parton is a successful music composer and arranger, having been commissioned to write music for different circumstances ranging from solo piano pieces to full symphony orchestra music, for recordings, live performances and television broadcast.

Parton studied arrangement and composition under Jan Greene while attending the Music Industry Arts programme at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Since graduating in 1992, he began his foray into classical instrumentation by adding cello and violin to his Celtic-rock band, The Bremen Town Musicians.

Compositions and/or arrangements of note include:

1998: When The Bremen Town Musicians were invited to perform with The Vancouver Island Symphony, Steve Parton selected twelve of his songs and scored them for full orchestra. The endeavor took six months to complete, and the performance won Steve the accolades of his peers, and of the B.C. media, as well as an award:

"Bremen Town Overture" ~
Recipient, Honourable Mention,
Jean Coulthard Composing Competition, 1999.

"Bravo! Very exciting stylization of a "Cape Breton" type fiddle-dance style. The instrumentation is novel and extremely colourful. The cello part is especially attractive and expressive, giving needed relief from the insistent tempo and rhythm of the dance. The harmonic style is true to the character of the music with only a few reiterated harmonies as its basis. Do carry on!"

- Dr. Dale Reubart, AB, MM, DMA

Excerpts from the recording, "The Bremen Town Musicians: Live with the Vancouver Island Symphony" appear on the Multi-Media page.

Since 1992, Steve Parton has been the resident composer for Lynn Johnston, creator of the comic strip "For Better Or For Worse". Parton's songs have appeared in the animated cartoon shows, produced by Lacewood Productions, Ottawa, through CTV in Canada, the Disney Channel in the U.S., and Polygram in England. Steve's songs (with Lynn as the lyricist) have often been synced with the FBorFW comic strips as they appear in the newspaper. More details are found on the Blog/News page, and excerpts of the songs appear on the Multi-Media page).

Steve Parton has been engaged as Music Director for several Hamilton Player's Guild productions, including Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (2000), Timothy Findley's "The Stillborn Lover" (2002), and "Cinderella: The Pantomime (2003). For each production, Parton scored original music, and did the arrangements.

In 2002, Steve was hired to arrange music that merged George Harrison, Boris Brott and The National Academy Orchestra together with The Pope. For World Youth Day. The National Academy Orchestra (conducted by Boris Brott) performed George Harrison's song, "My Sweet Lord" for Pope John Paul II - Steve was hired to arrange the orchestral score.