Steve Parton is a graduate (1992) of the Music Industry Arts programme of Fanshawe College in London Ontario. MIA is the most respected recording engineering and production programme in Canada.

Audio samples of Steve's production and engineering can be downloaded on the Multi-media page.

Since 1990, Steve has been a freelance recording producer and engineer, working in Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, London (Ontario), Los Angeles and Chihuahua (Mexico). Studios included KA Sound, Sound Of One Hand, Studio Économik and Savage Studios.

Steve has produced recordings for the following artists:
- Quarter Session (Dundas, Ontario)
- El Groupo Astro (Mexico)
- Sweet Refrain, St. Paul’s Folk Choir, (Dundas, Ontario)
- Avalon String Ensemble (Dundas, Ontario)
- Sally Thompson (Ottawa singer/songwriter)
- The Sixth Sense (Montreal)
- The Bremen Town Musicians (Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa)
- The Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra (Nanaimo, BC)
- Adrift (Montreal punk band)

Since 1987, Steve has been a freelance live sound engineer, working in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London (Ontario), Los Angeles, Vermont and Chihuahua (Mexico).

Steve has been a sound engineer for the following artists:
- Phil Collins (assistant sound), Savage Studio in Montreal, and Skydome in Toronto
- Nickelback (monitor mix)
- Matthew Goode Band (monitor mix)
- Jennifer Baton, guitarist for Michael Jackson (FOH sound)
- Terry Bozzio, drummer for Frank Zappa and U.K (FOH sound)
- Luke Duccette, guitarist for Sarah MacLachlan (FOH sound)
- The Mahones, Kingston Celtic rock band - FOH sound, two Canadian tours
- The Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra (sound engineer and production manager) Nanaimo, BC
- Corporate show clients include IBM, CIBC, Trimark, and the City of Montreal. Sound companies includ ABC Sonorization, Systemes Guinois, Axial Lighting & Productions, Frischkorn Productions.

Steve has worked on the sound crew for the following artists:
- Céline Dion, Molson Centre, Montreal, and Savage Studio, Montreal
- 54-40 (Nanaimo, BC)
- Blue Rodeo (Nanaimo, BC)
- The Skydiggers (Canadian East Coast tour)
- Philosopher Kings (Nanaimo, BC)
- Paul Brandt (Nanaimo, BC)

Refer to the Author page for details on Steve’s contributions to Canadian Musician and other music trade magazines.